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Hong Kong Driving License

You can drive in Hong Kong on a foreign license temporarily when you arrive, but if you're planning to stay here beyond a year, you must get a Hong Kong license to keep driving.

For overseas driving license holders who wish to drive in Hong Kong, a valid driving license may be obtained through the following means:-

• Apply for a full driving license by direct issue without test;

• Apply for a temporary driving license;

• Driving on strength of their valid overseas driving license or international driving permit if they are visitors to Hong Kong (visitors mean that they arrive Hong Kong other than to take up residence for a period exceeding 12 months)

Full driving license by direct issue without a test


• Hold an overseas driving license issued by one of the countries or places as listed in Appendix C

• The overseas driving license must be valid or has not expired for more than 3 years, and must be obtained through passing of driving test held in the issuing country or place.

• The driving entitlement(s) applied for must be equivalent to the class(es) which are authorized to drive by the issuing country or place.

• Applicants have resided in the overseas country or place of issue for a period of not less than six months during which the license was issued; or
have held the license for 5 years or more immediately prior to the application; or
hold a passport or equivalent travel document of the country or place in which the license was issued.

To apply, you need to complete Form TD63A and submit it to the Hong Kong Licensing Office. Bring along original and photocopy of overseas driving license, Hong Kong Identity Card and any other documentary proof of compliance of the above criteria. An officially certified translation of your overseas driving license is required if it is in a language other than English or Chinese. Medical certificate is required for applicants aged 70 or above.

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