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Utilities in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Electric Company (HKEC) supplies electricity to Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island while China Light & Power (CLP) supplies Kowloon, New Territories and the outlying islands.

Electricity bills are always higher during summer, since air conditioners and dehumidifiers are on most of the day. The larger your home, the higher your electricity bill will be. Air conditioners also provide relief from mould and the unpleasant smells that come from humidity, so often people leave them on all day. If your building has central air conditioning, its consumption, repair and maintenance may already be included in the rent.

Before moving into your home, the leasing agent should have all the utilities connected. If not, you can personally go to any consumer centre of the HKEC Pay-in Centre, C2 & C3, G/F, Worldwide House, Central and Customer Service Centre, 9/F Electric Centre, 28 Garden City Road, North Point. You can also call Customer Services at 2887-3411 during office hours.

For CLP, you should go to either 147 Argyle Street, Kowloon or 46-48, Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui or call 2678-2678. Fill in a form for Supply/Transfer and it should take two working days for a new connection and one day for transferring the account to your name. The deposit varies as it is calculated on the size of the apartment and possible consumption. Keep the receipt to get the deposit back when leaving.

Your utility bills can be paid through post offices, by autopay system, at an ATM or by cheque to addresses given on the back of the bill. Forms for setting up autopay are available at banks and at consumer centres.

A HKEC personnel will come to your home to read your electric meter, which is normally in the kitchen or utility area. Ask the meter reader for identification before letting him into the house. You will be billed monthly and your bill may seem high at first when you have just moved in but it will be adjusted according to consumption and any overcharged amount will be credited to your account.

Hong Kong works on a three-pin-square plug system. However, many old apartments that have not been renovated still use the old-style two-pin round ones. Whatever the appliance, you can either change the plug or get a square plug adaptor. By law you are required to use a registered electrician for any electrical work around the house.

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