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Bringing your car to Hong Kong

If you wish to bring your car into Hong Kong , there is no import duty. However, if you want to use it in Hong Kong , you have to register and license the vehicle. All motor vehicles for use on the roads of Hong Kong are subject to a First Registration Tax under the Motor Vehicles (First Registration Tax) Ordinance (Cap. 330, Laws of Hong Kong). The tax is administered by the Transport Department on the basis of the published retail price.

Generally when you buy a car in Hong Kong it has already been registered, so the price includes this tax, but if you bring one in from overseas, you have to pay this tax, which is substantial, before you can use it. The tax will be assessed on the purchase price plus insurance and freight fees and any brokerage or agency fee related to the purchase and importation of the parts of the motor vehicle as declared by the importer with reference to the market value of the motor vehicle concerned.

The Schedule of First Registration Tax of Motor Vehicles under the Motor Vehicles (First Registration Tax) Ordinance (Cap. 330, Laws of Hong Kong) is reproduced as follows :

Class of Motor Vehicle

Private cars
on the first $150,000
Rate of Tax(%) : 35

on the next $150,000
Rate of Tax(%) : 65

on the next $200,000
Rate of Tax(%) : 85

on the remainder
Rate of Tax(%) : 100

Rate of Tax(%) : 3.7

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