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Domestic Help in Hong Kong

Hiring a domestic helper requires thorough and careful consideration as the domestic helper will live with you and your family, and hence affect your family life to a certain extent. Once you have made a decision to hire a domestic helper, you may consider hiring through an agency or direct hiring.

Working with an agency provides some security to the employer, as they normally include a guarantee or trial employment period in the contract. Contracting an agency can save you a lot of work. They can also advise you on legal and visa issues, offer health insurance for the employee and secure the necessary medical checks.

If you wish to secure the services of an employment agency, check the yellow pages, newspapers and circulars. The average fee is generally equal to one month of the helper's salary (as stipulated by the Immigration Department).

If you wish to hire directly, there are some procedures you will need to adhere to. This section will help you to understand the steps in the process.

Information provided by the Hong Kong Labor Department

Hong Kong Employers / Workers Rights and requirements

1. Contracts can only be for a maximum period of two years.

2. Employee's minimum wage is HK$3,670 set by the Hong Kong government.

3. Employer is responsible for the Employees medical expenses or paying for the return of the Employees body incase of death. Purchasing a medical insurance policy to cover these potential costs.

4. Employer must provide living accommodation.

5. Employer must arrange a return air ticket and provide traveling allowance for employee to return home.

6. Employee has the right to have all labor holidays and the freedom to believe in any religions.

7. Employers requirements to hire a foreign domestic helpers
a. Annual income more than HK$186,000,or
b. Monthly income of more than HK$15,500 for the last 6 consecutive months, or
c. Saving account in the last consecutive months has a term deposit balance of more than HK$200,000.

8. Employee's work duties are restricted in the employer's home only.
9. Permission from the Housing Department is required if residents live public housing want to hire non-native servants.

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