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Taxi in Hong Kong

Taxis operate throughout Hong Kong apart from remote areas, and can be hailed on the street (except in restricted areas, especially in Central) or summoned by phone. All are metered, relatively cheap, air-conditioned and clean.

Taxis are generally abundant any time except when it's raining, during rush hour (about 5-8 pm), during shift change (usually around 4 pm), and on horse-racing days from September to May. Passengers are required by law to wear seatbelts.

All taxi drivers are required to display inside the vehicle an official name card that includes the driver's photograph and the licence plate number. Unless a taxi has an out of service sign displayed, they are legally required to take you to your destination. They are also required to provide you a receipt upon request.

There are three colours of taxi to indicate their areas of service, but all serve the airport:

• red taxis operate in most of Hong Kong, except for Tung Chung Road and the south side of Lantau Island;
• green taxis serve the rural areas of the New Territories;
• blue taxis operate only on Lantau Island.

The red taxis are the dearest among the three, followed by the green then blue ones.

It is good practice to get a local person to write the name or address of your destination in Chinese for you to hand to the taxi driver, as many drivers speak limited English and Mandarin. For example, if you wish take a journey back to your hotel, ask a receptionist for the hotel's business card. Nevertheless, even if you don't, most taxi drivers know enough English to communicate the basics.





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